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Cat & Dog Spa

Cute dog at home Pet sitter with dog

Something as simple as leaving for work can be stressful for you as well as your pet. Why go through the trouble when you can have us come over to house-sit your little critter! We even have boarding options if you want to leave your pet with us.

• Playmates for your pets

• Cat boarding

• Comfortable, homely atmosphere

• Fun activities

Your friendly neighborhood pet sitter is waiting to help you out!

A home away from home for your pet

You can be sure we'll keep your pet busy when they stay with us. We'll organize energetic activities to keep your best friend on its paws!

Cats are known for being resistant to change especially when it comes to their homes. Our varied cat boarding options will have your feline purring in pleasure every time you leave it with us. Try us out today!

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Day care is your solution

What we can offer you

Friends for your furry friends

Your cat will love us too!